Barcelona Bootcamp
Weight Loss & Body Transformation

If you’re ready for a lifestyle change, our bootcamp fitness holiday is designed so that you’ll lose weight or improve your strength and agility. Or both. Transform your body.

We motivate and inspire you to exercise well and eat healthily. And at one of Europe’s most beautiful outdoor locations, it’s a fun experience too.

We give you the tools you need to change your life. Effectively.

"The week was jam packed with new experiences, beach workouts, morning hikes with incredible sunrises and views, food that is not only very good for you but leaves you feeling more satisfied than you could imagine."

-Elspeth Van Der Hole

Barcelona Bootcamp Fitness Holiday
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Fitness Holiday Inspiration

Benefits of Cross Training

The Benefits of Cross Training

What are some of the benefits of Cross training? Cross training is term that you have probably heard before, but is it really worth doing? Let’s take a look at what it is, why it helps you, and some common training modalities. That way you’ll be able to make up your own mind and see

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Overtraining - Barcelona Bootcamp

How to Avoid Overtraining – Sometimes Less is More

When you start training and embracing the grind you can get yourself into a mindset where you literally cannot wait to train. You put in the extra work, cut no corners with your diet, and the results soon start to speak for themselves. The harder you work the more you seem to get out of

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Fitness Goal Setting - How to do it properly

Fitness Goals: Staying the Course

There is nothing more important than setting fitness goals if you want to see changes when you look in the mirror. The problem is that, instead of doing this so many of us start to take our small gains for granted. And before we know it we’re right back to where we started. To manage

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