Benefits of Cross Training

The Benefits of Cross Training

What are some of the benefits of Cross training? Cross training is term that you have probably heard before, but is it really worth doing? Let’s take a look at what it is, why it helps you, and some common training modalities. That way you’ll be able to make up your own mind and see

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Overtraining - Barcelona Bootcamp

How to Avoid Overtraining – Sometimes Less is More

When you start training and embracing the grind you can get yourself into a mindset where you literally cannot wait to train. You put in the extra work, cut no corners with your diet, and the results soon start to speak for themselves. The harder you work the more you seem to get out of

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Fitness Goal Setting - How to do it properly

Fitness Goals: Staying the Course

There is nothing more important than setting fitness goals if you want to see changes when you look in the mirror. The problem is that, instead of doing this so many of us start to take our small gains for granted. And before we know it we’re right back to where we started. To manage

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Warm weather winter training

How to Keep Up the Momentum – Winter Training

When the winter training months arrive and the cold snap finally hits, training in general will often take a back seat. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or to be worried about, but you want to stay on top of it. To get you firing on all cylinders let’s take a look at a few

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Train Together, Succeed Together

When people think about a fitness bootcamp they picture long days spent toiling under the sun, early alarms, and endless sweating. Whilst a Barcelona Bootcamp is a place where you can certainly push yourself harder than ever before, it’s also about meeting new friends and experiencing something a little different when it comes to fitness:

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Breaking Through Plateaus the Smarter Way

You might have heard of training plateaus, and to be perfectly honest with you they can be a real pain to get over. To give you some food for thought we’re going to take a look at several ways you can make short work of any lulls in your progress so that you can keep

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Barcelona Bootcamp Fitness Holiday

Ready to Kickstart Your Fitness?

When you want to get your fitness efforts up and running it can be hard to know where to turn can’t it? The internet is full of plans that sound amazing that promise to get you looking and feeling better than ever in just a couple of weeks, but you never seem to be able

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