Conquer Sugar Cravings Barcelona Bootcamp

Conquer Your Sugar Cravings

A craving is very different from hunger. Cravings are emotional, hunger is physical. Though they may both feel very real, hunger is the body’s warning system that it needs more energy, whereas a craving is merely the brain signalling that it needs “a reward” – an addiction. Ironically, cravings for sugar and carbs for example,

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The Mediterranean Diet – 50,000 Years of Field Testing

On the average, people in the Mediterranean countries live longer, healthier lives than anywhere else in Europe or North America. A major factor is the Mediterranean diet, a diet that continues to surprise nutritionists with its healthful properties. It’s nice to know that in today’s “let’s-find-a-new-food-hack” culture, there’s a common sense approach based on real-life

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