When people think about a fitness bootcamp they picture long days spent toiling under the sun, early alarms, and endless sweating. Whilst a Barcelona Bootcamp is a place where you can certainly push yourself harder than ever before, it’s also about meeting new friends and experiencing something a little different when it comes to fitness: team work.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

So many of us get fit by going to the gym solo straight after work. Headphones in, Nikes on, and we’re pretty much deaf to the world aren’t we? It can be a lonely pursuit training alone, especially if you’re running miles on the treadmill or spending hours every week working up a sweat on the exercise bike. No matter what your goals are or your level of fitness currently is, training with a partner or in a group can make all the difference to your motivation levels. At a bootcamp you’ll find a while host people that are completely invested in your success. Trainers, nutritionists, and other bootcamp participants who want to see you push yourself so that you can become the person you want to be.

Motivation is Key

When you’re low on motivation you’re less likely to train. If you don’t train for a couple of days because you didn’t feel like it then you’re far more likely to take the rest of the week off. If the weekend is a hectic one then a month may go by before it occurs to you to head back to the gym. Once you get back on the weight bench your strength endurance will have dropped right off and you’ll feel even less motivated than before. It’s a slippery slope when you put it like that, and one that you can only get up with enough motivation. Working out as part of a team is a great way to keep up a determined and consistent effort for a long time. That’s the great thing about fitness bootcamps: they keep you honest when it comes to sticking to your fitness plan and committing to healthy eating.

How Do You Measure Up?

Having a regular training partner is great because you can compare notes on how you’re getting on and you keep each other honest. If one of you has been sticking to their diet whilst the other has turned the weekly cheat meal into a twice-daily affair then it will soon tell. The same is true of a Barcelona fitness bootcamp. By training in the sun with a group of other like-mined people you’ll have all the motivation you need to push hard and enjoy it at the same time. Not only that, but your new found motivation will become infectious when you get home and you’ll find you recommit to training and healthy eating like never before. You could even set yourself the target of being able to match one of the fitter members in your training group the next time you head out to a fitness bootcamp. Now if that isn’t motivation we don’t know what is?